Win the Day Rewards With Opportunity

The Oregon team emphasis is on Win the Day and only then come the Rewards.

As for us fans, it is natural to speculate about future football possibilities for the regular season and any post season. The schedule raises some questions and answers with Win the Day needed.

The Colorado and Oregon State games need to fall in place. Then it’s the Pac-12 Championship match against the probable South opponent Arizona State. With these three wins the Playoff Committee could then select the Win the Day Ducks for one of the top four teams in the playoff.

Note: Teams 2 and 3 would play at the Rose Bowl. The Committee would then work with the Orange, Peach, Fiesta and Cotton Bowls to select the teams not involved in the Championship Playoffs for the remaining eight Bowl slots among the Committees top 12 teams.


PLAYOFF CHAMPIONSHIP (Jan. 12 - Arlington Stadium)

SEMIFINAL CHAMPIOSHIPS (Jan. 1 - Sugar Bowl, Teams 1 and 4)

SEMIFINAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Jan. 1 - Rose Bowl, Teams 2 and 3)

Courtesy of OCOP member John Gram