The Oregon Connection Between 1939 and 2015


We received an email a few days ago from David Hobson Jr. This is an interesting tidbit of University of Oregon Athletics and NCAA history we should all remember heading into the CFP Championship game. Go Ducks!


In 1939 the NCAA men’s basketball program held the first ever championship playoff.  We all remember that the winning team was the University of Oregon “Tall Firs” coached by Howard “Hobby” Hobson.  That team featured many Oregon kids and was coached by a native Oregonian.  They won the first NCAA basketball championship.  The team that they beat was Ohio State.

Now, some 75 years later, the NCAA football program is holding their first ever “playoff”.  Again, the University of Oregon is there.  They are coached by another native Oregonian; Mark Helfrich and they feature an Oregon kid; Thomas Tyner.  

The parallels are more than worthy of note.

And the Ducks will win the first NCAA championship playoff!

Go Ducks!

David N. Hobson, Jr.
Uof O Law class of 1985

Grandson of Coach Hobby Hobson