The Great Summer Chef Off


On August 19, at the majestic Bladberry Farm on Sauvie Island, the Parr Lumber Great Summer Chef Off will once again bring together four of Portland's finest chefs, pitting them against one another to determine who is the very best on a beautiful summer evening.

Organized by the Harrington Family Foundation, the annual event is the perfect way to spend a mid-August evening, with live music, fantastic local wine and beer and of course great food.

Imagine beautiful Sauvie Island on a warm evening in your flip flops, the sun setting with a cold beer or glass of sparkling, four of Portland’s elite chefs at the grill, going head-to-head for Grand Prize: Best Dish, the smell of charcoal-roasted peaches and sizzling hanger steak, rich Salt and Straw ice cream dribbling down your chin, bluegrass music serenading your conversations with family and friends: this is the Parr Lumber Great Summer Chef Off.

Proceeds go to support the Oregon Community Quarterback Scholarship. To learn more and buy tickets, visit: